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What is the difference between a 21 Day Meditation program and Mantras & Music?

The 21 Day Meditation Program consists of:

  • Opening introduction and teaching by Oprah Winfrey

  • 22 unique teachings from Deepak Chopra

  • 22 transformational guided meditations by Deepak with approximately 5 minute meditation time

  • Original music score

  • Online Journal with reflection questions (included with on-demand access, CD set is audio only)


Mantras & Music is the catalog of music from the 21-Day Meditation program which consists of:

  • Original music score from the meditation program with 10 minutes of meditation or relaxation time

  • Deepak Chopra opening and closing each track reciting the English centering thought

  • Original music score, 22 tracks, with 10 minutes of meditation or relaxation time