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Why can't I hear my audio?

Please try the following test to help determine what might be causing the issue:

1. Test audio on your device: To do this, please open a new tab in your browser and go to Select and play any video as an audio test. If you cannot hear the audio while playing this video, you have a local issue on your device and you need to troubleshoot your audio output.

2. Try another internet browser: Audio issues commonly happen in some versions of AOL browsers or in Safari. Try opening another internet browser. Chrome, Firefox, or Explorer are all free to download. If you open our page and play our audio file in a new browser and it works, this may indicate an incorrect setting within the browser you first attempted to use.  

3. Please update or enable your flash plugin.  HTML 5 audio may not be supported by your browser, and Flash may be  disabled or out of date. You may need the most recent flash plugin to play the audio. Unfortunately many browsers do not update this flash plugin automatically. If you install the Chrome browser, it will automatically update these plugins.  

Click here to download the latest version of the Flash player:

4. If none of the above works, please go to, click on every test the page offers. Submit a help ticket and report back to us the test that fails on your system to provide us some clues, how to help you better.