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How can I download my purchase?

By purchasing the on-demand product, you can access the meditation content two ways--streaming the meditations using the internet and downloading them to your favorite device.

If you are attempting to download the files directly to your Apple iOS device such as your  iPhone or iPad, please be aware that Apple restricts these functionalities on these devices. Instead, you will need to download the meditation files directly to a MAC or PC computer. Then move these files into your iTunes library and then sync your iOS device with them using your USB cable or the iCloud sync feature.

Downloading all files at once as a .zip file:

  1. Go to your Mediation library and choose a meditation you would like to download. Click on its "Download" button.

  2. On the Meditation Download page, go to the "Download all tracks" section.

  3. Click on the "download all tracks" button to start your download. The download may take some time since the file size is quite large.

  4. Once it is downloaded, all the mediation audio will be saved onto your computers hard drive. The location of this saved file varies across devices and browsers.

  5. Search for this downloaded file. The meditation's name  is in the downloaded file's name. Enter this name into your search.

  6. Once you locate it, click on it to open and all of the meditation's audio files will be displayed and organized by day.  Click on any day to listen.

  7. You can always relocate the file to a saved folder of your choice as well as into your media player.

  8. In order to get the meditation audio files onto your mobile device or tablet, please follow the standard instructions for your device.


Downloading each file individually: I am very sorry but we do not offer this option anymore. Many MP3 players do not support saving of individual tracks anymore. Therefore this option is not functional. Please note that we have no control over MP3 audio players and their features. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.