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What are the possible duties and taxes when shipping internationally?

This FAQ summarizes what you can experience when buying from USA and shipping Internationally. 

When you are in another country and buy from the USA, and have that purchased item shipped to internationally, you may incur additional charges specific to your Province. Not all items will have duty, taxes, and fees applied.  In fact, some items may not be charged at all regardless of value.  But you could be charged, and the amount is not always known in advance. 

Please be aware that all items are potentially dutiable and must be paid by the buyer before delivery to you.  The amount you pay via credit card or PayPal ( to the seller) DOES NOT INCLUDE any of these charges. An important point to remember, is that the seller does not know if you will be charged nor the amount. The seller does not receive any amount of these additional charges.  

For our Canadian customers: 

The Canada Border Services Agency CBSA can examine almost any item that comes to Canada by mail. You may have to pay duty, the goods and services tax (GST)  or the harmonized sales tax (HST)  and the provincial sales tax (PST) on items mailed to you. If you owe duty and tax, it will be indicated on Form E14, CBSA Postal Import Form, which will be attached to your mail item when it is delivered.Please review this website for important facts and details about duty, taxes and handling fees on items mailed to you from the Amazon Canadian website :  

All international Customers:

This website provides a helpful summary of import duties and international taxation: